StreetWork Welcomes Two New Ambassadors

Australian Commonwealth Games runner Tani Ruckle and personal trainer Michael Lynch are the new Ambassadors for StreetWork's Northern Beaches Branch. They were welcomed to the program by Warringah federal Liberal MP Tony Abbott last Friday, 22 July.  StreetWork figures show that at least 50 people under the age of 21 sleep rough every night across the Northern Beaches. 

The event was covered in the Manly Daily where Mr Abbott said, "There are all sorts of troubled youngsters, just because this is a well-to-do area, that doesn't mean that everyone is feeling great. Mental illness tends to manifest itself in adolescents...[it is] reflected in anti-social counter-productive behaviour - kids that are running away, getting up to no good at night - and an organisation like StreetWork is bringing a bit of care, a bit of concern and some self-awareness, that has to be a good thing."