The Impact100 Sydney North is part of a worldwide movement in philanthropy, collective giving which aims to lives in Sydney's North by awarding high-impact grants by pooling or financial and intellectual resources we can have a ripple effect on the local community. The 'giving circle' involves 100 members who each give $1,000, and then all the members decide which charity should receive $100,000.

StreetWork was invited to attend Impact100 Sydney North Information night to discuss our service and the impact that $100,000 would have on the lives of 'at risk' young people.  $100,000 would allow StreetWork to employ 2 more part-time workers who can then deliver KickStart Mentoring Services to an additional 100 'at risk' young people to support them to turn their lives around.

Take at look at Impact100 Sydney North website ( and if you're a member don't forget to vote for StreetWork.