have you considered streetWork sponsorship?

Your sponsorship will help to ensure that young people reach their individual goals such as re-engage in school/education, improve medical/mental health, find a place to live, get a job, improve family/relationships, avoid drug/alcohol use or improve social behaviour.  Sponsorship will lead to young people changing their lives in a positive way leading to a better community.  It sends a message to the community about your commitment to support young people.

Associating with StreetWork provides an opportunity for corporates to show off their brands and logos, increase positive community perception about their organisation and add credibility to their business.  Sponsors will help:

  • make it possible for many young people to turn their lives around

  • provide opportunities for young people to build skills through our Skill Building Programs

  • allow youth workers and outreach volunteers to go onto the streets, engage with youth at risk and offer support & assistance to those in need through our Outreach Services

  • allow your staff the opportunity to participate as volunteers in events, become Advocates, Event or Program or Outreach supporters, or Mentors

Current Funding Model

StreetWork is predominately reliant on donations and we do not receive any recurrent government funding for our services delivered to support ‘at risk’ young people. 

Our annual costs are about $300,000 per branch and over 90% of all donations are used to deliver services directly to benefit 'at risk' young people.  StreetWork consistently maintains its administration costs at the very lowest levels in the not-for-profit sector and is recognised as a sustainable organisation delivering a high social return to the Australian community.

StreetWork Sponsorship Opportunities Guide