Our approach

StreetWork aims to help teens troubled by destructive influences and behaviour to turn their lives around through one on one mentoring.

We firmly believe in early intervention as the best form of prevention. It can help avoid a downward spiral into crime, disengagement from education and mental health issues.

Our approach puts the young person in charge, as they are the only ones who can make the change.

We've learnt that only professional youth workers have the skills to guide troubled teens through this process; to see the risks and manage them through their crisis.

Through mentoring, our youth workers help them to discover and address the deeper issues that underlie the crisis.

StreetWork Services

At-risk youth rarely ask for help, so we've developed outreach programs to help us to connect before a crisis occurs.

Should the teen become engaged with the Police or the courts, our volunteers reach out to help them through our 24/7 advocacy service.

Others come to us through referrals from partner charities and government agencies.

We address any immediate issues through crisis management, then help them get their lives back on track through our KickStart Mentoring program.

Our mentoring is supported by skill building to develop abilities, confidence and relationships.

Aftercare helps teens ease back into their new life after they have graduated from our mentoring program.

Mental health services for Young People

Click here to download a list of mental health services that young people can access