Our core program is KickStart Mentoring, a unique service which matches at risk teens with qualified youth mentors to guide them through a personal turnaround.

How it works

Streetwork mentors work closely with teens to develop a plan that reflects their needs and aspirations and has their absolute ownership.

Through regular face to face contact, we help them to make better life choices and steer them away from destructive influences and behaviours.

Wherever possible, we give positive affirmation and reinforcement of success along the way. 

A Typical Plan

Each mentoring program is tailored to meet the young person's specific needs.

Plans often involve a mix of the following:

  • Issues management - family relationship, anger management, mental health, drug and alcohol dependancy
  • Personal development - fitness programs, skill building, developing personal strength, self-empowerment
  • Practical support - finding employment, housing, legal assistance, return to schooling

Useful KickStart Information

A StreetWork mentor

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